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Retro Data: When 640kb is enough, 8 is all the bits you wan´t and 1 mhz is all you need for speed.
Retro Data: When 640kb is enough, 8 is all the bits you want and 1 mhz is all you need for speed.


Why I started collecting old computers and vintage hardware. Growing up in the mid 80´s the computers and hardware made a huge impact on my childhood memories. I remember when we got our first VCR. My stepdad bought it together with 3 of his workmates and we timeshared it. 1 week a month. Before that time we had to rent a VCR at a local store. The Moviebox. Sure, some of my friends growing up had VCR´s at home. Some with a IR remote, some with a cable remote. And one poor kid with a Betamax. The rest of us had VHS.

c64gamessidmusiccompilationp2Videogames and computers were the next thing. I remember being like 4 years old and playing pong or something on what I think was a Atari system. In got my first own computer in the mid 80´s, a Commodore 64C. I used it for games and programming until the Nintendo NES whipped the scene for us gaming kids in the 80´s.

The Great Giana Sisters | Commodore 64 1987
The Great Giana Sisters | Commodore 64 1987

Great Giana Sisters had to make room for Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Metroid. Later the NES had to make room for the Amiga 500. I stuck with it until I played Wolfenstein 3D for the first time on a friends PC. Then it was PC for the next decade besides a minor guest appearance of a Amiga 1200 in the mid 90´s.

IBM "Peanut" PCjr
IBM “Peanut” PCjr

Today I use both PC and Mac daily. Mostly my iPhone and iPads. But I have made it my hobby and crusade to collect all the computers I had growing up. And probably every other thing I didn´t have. I mainly collect Commodore computers but I have some other old computers, technology and consoles like NES, Playstation, Atari, Macintosh, Atari, Gameboy and some old PC´s.


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