Cynthcart turns the Commodore 64 to a SID synth


The cartridge Cynthcart by Paul Slocum brings the true SID sound to music

Paul Slocum has been hard at work creating more tools for musicians to generate music with old-school hardware, and his latest creation is theCynthcart for the Commodore 64. The Commodore 64’s SID chip can produce some amazing audio (especially considering its age!) and Paul uses it in much of his music (if you’re not aware, Paul makes up one half of the band Tree Wave, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already). Paul created the Cynthcart to turn the Commodore 64 into a kickass synthesizer, and it’s now evolved enough where he can share it with other musicians like LukHash.

A little demo of Cynthcart for the Commodore 64, explaining some of the features about it.
It basically turns your C64 into a polyphonic programmable synthesizer and allows you to play notes in real time, as well as giving a nice visual experience.

Musician LukHash shows what you truly can achieve with a cynthcart, some modded commodore 64´s and the amazing imagination that is LukHash.

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