Apple Computer History: The Apple II Plus (1979)


The Apple II Plus from 1979

800px-Apple_II_PlusThe Apple II Plus is the second modell in the Apple II series. It was produced between 1979 and 1982.

The main differences between the Apple II Plus and it´s predecessor the Apple II is onboard Applesoft Basic, support for lowercase functionality and electromagnetic shielding.

The Apple II Plus was aslo sold as the Apple II Europlus (Europe) and the Apple II J-Plus (Japan). For the first time in Apple history they licensed the Apple II as a clone with the name IT2020 on the european market.

Bell & Howell Apple II Plus
The Bell & Howell Apple II Plus licensed clone for educational purposes.

The Apple II Plus was also sold by Bell & Howell specifically to educational markets under special license from Apple. The normal consumer Apple II Plus was not UL-listed because the top could be opened; the B&H model was the same as the consumer version sold by Apple except that it came in a black case, which could not be as easily opened, and a special A/V-package allowing it to be sold as audio/visual equipment. Bell & Howell packaged the unit with optional “back packs” that offered various inputs and outputs for A/V equipment to easily interface with the II Plus. This was the only black computer Apple would manufacture until the Macintosh TV in 1993.

The Apple II series

The Apple II Plus was followed by the Apple IIe and it´s successor was the Apple II.



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