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BitPop and Chipmusic

Soundmakers, Tunewizards and the curators of the noise from the past

Exploring the past, present and the future of BitPop is a journey without and end. And therefore I will not try to reduce it all to this short post, heres a summorize.

Binärpilot, Trash80, Goto80 and Psilodump are some artists I found while listening to my own favorite retrotunes wizard LukHash when I looked at related artists.


BitPop, Goto80

Goto80´s record “Commodore Groves” gives me a great resemblance to the early 90´s chiptunes and mods on the Amiga and PC. Goto80 also know as Anders Carlsson is a Swedish musician from the city of Göteborg (Gothenburg) and he has produced music for the scene since 1993. He makes most of his music with the help of Commodore 64, Amiga 1200, Game Boy Color and PC. He is still rather active and tours USA and Europe including Russia. You can find him on Spotify.


Artist Trash80 (Timothy Lamb, born 1979) considered a pioneer in Game Boy music.


While Binärpilot ( describes himself as a maker of electronic music.

Also check out 8 Bit Weapon with great chiptunes on Spotify.



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