Games we remember – 20+ games from a time before WoW and CoD


Games we remember

20+ games we remember from a time before WoW and CoD

In this series of articles called  20+ games from a time before WoW and CoD (Call of Duty) I will write about the games we remember from the past.

We all have those specific memories from the games we played as kids. Maybe it´s the oh so long loading time on the C64 filled with awesome loaders, cracktros and intros or maybe it´s Mark Hamillls voice acting in Wing Commander.

I have selected some of the games I myself played as a kid on the platforms I had growing up: Commodore 64, Amiga, PC and also some Nintendo NES and Gameboy.

Feel free to comment on the games 🙂

Here´s a list of some of the games that will be covered in the articleseries Games we remember

Don´t forget to listen to all the great music from the games in the articles

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