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Found this great clip with Ocean loaders on YouTube, thought I´d share it with you,

Zeus presents Five “original” Ocean / Imagine loaders (un-emulated) for the real C64. Classic loading music from the golden era of C64 gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and the composers that were involved in making these loaders.

My top fave and what I consider the best out of all C64 loading music brought to you in full original C64 un-emulated glory!!!!

RAMBO (0:06 – Martin Galway)
OCEAN LOADER 2 (3:31 – Martin Galway)
OCEAN LOADER 3 (7:39 – Peter Clarke)
OCEAN LOADER 4 (10:32 – Jonathan Dunn)
OCEAN LOADER 5 (13:45 – Jonathan Dunn)

I left Ocean Loader 1 out as i felt it did not link the others smoothly unlike the class Rambo loader, it slowed the others down as far as quality and also Martin Galway stated himself that Ocean loader 1 was never his finished version, it eventually was finished the way he wanted it and became Ocean loader 2.
There isn’t much difference between the two but loader 2 does sound much more ploished.

Hope all you C64 fans enjoy this upload.


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