The Tribe by 3 Little Elks (Amiga AGA demo 1996)


The Tribe by 3 Little Elks

3 Little Elks – The Tribe was released at Icing in 1996 as a Amiga AGA demo.

Code: Explorer, Tabasco
Music: Coma
Graphics: Ant, Nude, Tudor

Source: RetroDemoScene

Three Little Elks was a Swedish demo group, formed by two people (one of which was Nude) in the early nineties. For a while they were just doing AMOS demos and having fun, and it wasn’t until most of the current members met at a local party in Uddevalla in 1994 that things started to get “serious”. Their first real demo was Yawpcola [95]. They since made a name for themselves creating humorous demos, while retaining technical excellence.

Source: Demozoo

The demo recently got it´s time in the limelight again when the retro podcast Bitar Till Kaffet (BTK) played the tune from the demo “Tribe” by the 3 Little Elks member Coma at the podcast Bitar till kaffet #23 (S4E2) or listen to it here, it´s in Swedish but lots of fun if you understand it and great music if you don´t.

In 2001 the group released Drama Motion Beauty 3 as a Amiga Intro in AGA. Couldn´t find a video for it but here´s a link to a screenshot and the download.



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